Warren / Wells

2750 SW Gage Blvd., Topeka

Although they are separate parks and vary greatly in size, Warren and Wells are next-door neighbors and have similar uses. Warren is a 96-acre nature area and borders Felker Park on the east (north of Shunganunga Creek). It includes a section of the Shunga Trail, a pond and a tree nursery used by Parks and Recreation of Topeka. It can be accessed from Felker, Big Shunga Park (on the east) or the Kansas Neurological Institute (on the north), and is a great place for birdwatching. Wells is south of Felker, Warren and the creek (but north of the car wash).


SW Skyline Parkway & SW Scenic Drive, Topeka

If you can avoid the bone-jarring craters on SW Scenic Drive (hint: stick to the edges), and you're willing to walk a ways uphill on gravel and climb over some weed-covered boulders, this park offers a spectacular view of Topeka from the top of Burnett's Mound. But beware if a storm approaches: The mound failed to protect Topeka -- as legend claimed it would -- from the June 8, 1966, tornado that roared over its crest before cutting a swath through the city to the northeast.


3001 SW 21st, Topeka

This spacious park is easy to overlook on the south side of SW 21st between SW Randolph and SW Oakley. There are some swings, a climbing gym and some benches, but it's mostly open with scattered trees. The KNI Soccer Complex is across the road to the south.

Indian Hills

SW 25th and Stutley Court, Topeka

This small park, located on a cul-de-sac near SW 25th and Stutley Court (west of Cypress Ridge Golf Course), features modern playground equipment with lots of climbing bars. There's room to walk the dog and a bench to sit on.


5201 SW Huntoon, Topeka

Modern, brightly colored playground equipment highlights this large park at the intersection of SW Fairlawn and SW Huntoon. Youngsters also will like the swings, sand boxes and climbing equipment. Scattered trees shade benches, and there's a BBQ grill. There's also a small storm runoff creek.


6801 SW 21st, Topeka

Currently undeveloped, this park is located in the area around Topeka Fire Station No. 12 on the southwest corner of 21st and Urish.


3101 SW Arnold, Topeka

Maude Bishop Park sits next to the school of the same name at 3101 SW Arnold. The park features colorful play equipment and shady trees. It also has basketball goals, tennis courts and a large sunny and grassy field.

Big Shunga

SW Murrow Ct. and SW Shunga , Topeka

Big Shunga is exactly what the name indicates: BIG. You might enter the 95-acre park at Washburn and Shunga Drive, but you could also spot it again off 29th Street. Big Shunga is part of the park system that ties into the Shunga Trail. Near the concrete trail, the park is shady and tree-lined. Memorial benches provide a place to stop, catch your breath during a run or bike ride, and listen to birds tweet from the nearby trees. Rehydrate at a fountain. At Shunga and High a playground area features play equipment and a merry-go-round.

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