Betty Phillips Park

3300 SE Irvingham, Topeka

If you love this park you won't have to look far to find someone to thank. Students at nearby Avondale East Elementary School helped design the neighborhood park, which used to go by the name Highland Crest Park. It was renamed to honor longtime Hi-Crest resident Betty Phillips, who had begun asking the city to do something with the park in the 1960s. The park got a big student-influenced overhaul in 2004.

Gwendolyn Brooks

3691 SW Topeka Blvd, Topeka

If it wasn't for the brisk traffic on nearby Topeka Boulevard, the park could be considered downright serene. As is, it has plenty of charm. A small bridge constructed by the Topeka West Rotary spans a ditch and there are plenty of developed trees. A Kansas Historical Marker discusses Kansas and Topeka history and nearby play equipment gives children a place to swing and teeter totter. Located at the corner of Topeka Boulevard and 37th Street, Gwendolyn Brooks has 37th Terrace running through its middle.

Grant Bradbury

SW 65th and Westview Road, Topeka

This sprawling prairie area is a prime spot to view native grasses and flowers. From SW Topeka Boulevard, head west on University Boulevard. The park sits where University Road turns and then becomes Westview Road. It's marked by an easy-to-miss wood sign that sits back from the corner of SW 65th and Westview Road. A small gravel road leads to a water department pump station and is the best place to park if you want to check out the fenced property. Across the street, you'll see the Kansas Quarter Midget Association.


2711 SW Topeka, Topeka

One of the skinniest parks in town, Fairway Park runs along a narrow tree-lined stretch of land -- sandwiched between Fairway Drive and Topeka Boulevard and running from 27th to 29th streets. At 29th and Topeka Boulevard, a garden with cannas blooms on the corner.


2300 SE Edgewater Terr, Topeka

This narrow neighborhood park straddles a storm runoff creek while winding its way from near SW 23rd and SW Morningside to SW Shunga Drive. On the west side there are swings, a merry-go-round, a slippery slide and a picnic table.


3446 SW Kirklawn, Topeka

Croix is among the most humble of city parks. The triangle-shaped park appears to be more of something to drive around than a place to actually stop. It is surrounded by Coix Street, Kirklawn Avenue and Coix Place. Here's what it offers: four trees, one trashcan, one picnic table, a few rose bushes and grass.

Country Club

2501 SW Topeka, Topeka

This long, narrow park runs along the east side of Topeka Boulevard. It's shady and quiet with a few benches and teeter totters.


2430 SW Kingsrow Road, Topeka

This newer neighborhood park located a few blocks east of Cypress Ridge Golf Course is deceptively versatile. There's modern playground equipment (on a rubberized surface) for the youngsters and a tennis/basketball court for more mature athletes. An open-air shelter covers three picnic tables and a walking path winds around the park for those wanting exercise for themselves or the dog or both. Plus there's a water fountain.

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