SE 22nd & SE Madison, Topeka

Located at SE 22nd and Madison, this small park offers a few picnic tables and benches. With plenty of trees and shade, this is a good place to escape from the sun on a hot summer's day.


SW 19th & SW Sims, Topeka

This small park dominated by pine trees features swings, a teeter-totter, an elephant slide for youngsters and a picnic table for parents. There's space to walk the dog or play a game of catch.


2001 S Kansas, Topeka

This small, triangular-shaped park created by the Shunganunga Creek slicing across the corner of 20th and S. Kansas has a few swings, a picnic table and a BBQ grill -- and a stretch of the Shunga Trail.


2501 SW Gage, Topeka

Just west of Felker Park on the west side of Gage Boulevard, Seabrook Park is a mostly sunny spot for play. The play area includes swings, teeter-totters and a merry-go-round -- nothing too fancy. A backstop at one edge of the park will keep stray balls from flying into the neighborhood. Flowers adorn the sign marking Seabrook Park.

Oakwood Hills

4201 SE Adams, Topeka

This compact little park, just south of where Interstate 470 crosses over SE Adams, offers a small sunny spot with a backdrop of trees for play. It includes a softball backstop and a small play area with older equipment.

Oak Parkway

2915 SW Randolph, Topeka

Oak Parkway Park sits off SW Randolph, roughly between 29th and 30th streets. It is a small narrow park backed by shady trees. A small play area includes a red and white candy-cane striped swing set.


1900 SE 37th, Topeka

Only the most dedicated of park searchers will find this park, which is hidden sneakily behind houses. You'll feel like you're pulling into someone's driveway when you drive back to this park. In fact, the best way to find the park is to pull into what looks like an asphalt driveway at 1901 SE 37th. Just keep going. The drive will take you to a small parking lot where the park sign lets you know you've found Matthews Park. Beyond that is a prairie area.

Major Palm

1815 SW 37th, Topeka

Major Palm Park provides plenty of space for sunny play and features a spot for playing softball games. Major Palm also has a play area with a merry-go-round, swing and equipment for kids who like to climb. At the entrance to the park, a plaque pays tribute to the park's namesake, Major Willard G. Palm. Palm died July 1, 1960, when a Soviet MiG fighter shot down the Air Force RB-47 he was aboard. The plane was on a peaceful reconnaissance mission over the Barents Sea, outside of USSR airspace when it was shot down. The heart of the park sits back from SW 37th Street.


2301 SE Lakewood, Topeka

At Lakewood Park, find a shady spot with lots of beautiful trees -- a quiet place for ambling about and taking in the scene. The park, which is located off SE Lakewood in an area with businesses, includes an enclosed shelter house. It offers a minimal amount of playground equipment: a slide and two swings.


3510 SW Atwood, Topeka

Located at SW 35th and Atwood and extending uphill to the east, this spacious park features a soccer field and lots of climbing apparatus for the youngsters. It also has a backstop for ball games, swings, slides, picnic tables and a BBQ grill. There's plenty of room to exercise the dog and lots of shade, too.

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