Park at the Weir (Kansas River access)

NW 14th & NW Warren, Topeka

This park is still under development. Limited access (i.e. no boat ramp) to the Kansas River is possible at this location on the north bank across from the Topeka Water Department's treatment plant. A low-water weir at the site forces water to the south bank toward the intake gates of the treatment plant.

To reach the parking area, take NW Lower Silver Lake Road to NW Saline and turn south. Go to NW 14th and turn east. Where 14th meets NW Warren, take the gravel road south over the dike and to the river.

Shawnee North Community Park

300 NE 43rd St, Topeka

This 60-acre park has something to offer every member of the family. Take the first entrance east of NW 43rd and Kansas Ave., and you'll find the four-diamond softball complex, soccer fields, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts and playground. You'll also find the 15,555-square-foot community center, which features meeting rooms, two preschool classrooms, an aerobics room, a weight room, a dance room, an art room and a kitchen/dining room. The community center was once the Shawnee County Poor Farm.

Great Overland Station

701 N. Kansas Ave., Topeka

An educational experience awaits visitors to the Great Overland Station in North Topeka, where both railroad and Topeka histories are preserved in a restored train depot. Occupying the old Union Pacific Passenger Station, the Great Overland Station "represents the heritage of all the railroads which have crossed our city and state," according to the station's Web site at The Great Overland Station, which has a variety of rooms that can be rented for a wide range of occasions (check the Web site or call (785) 232-5533 for information), opened in June 2004.

Oakland Billard

2000 NE Sardou, Topeka

Oakland Billard Park, located in the Oakland area not far from the Sardou Bridge, has a little bit of everything, from a playground to a community center. Park goers will find a small swimming pool and baseball and softball backstops. Basketball hoops are located off the parking lot. Oakland Billard Park also features a concrete refuge for skateboarders, known as the Mouse Trap Skate Park. For children, its play area includes some classic playground toys, including teeter-totters, a kid-powered merry-go-round, swings, a slide and a climbing toy that resembles a car.


1600 N Kansas, Topeka

Garfield Park has held a special place in the hearts of North Topekans for more than 100 years. Dating back to a time when soldiers used to camp in the area along Soldier Creek (before the main channel was redirected to the north), the 32-acre park still has a lot to offer. In addition to the usual park amenities of playground equipment (swings, slides, climbing, etc.), benches, picnic tables and BBQ grills, the park features a community center, a large shelter house, a small swimming pool, a bandstand and an outdoor basketball court.


NE Laurent & NE Quincy, Topeka

Hugging the north end of the Kansas Avenue Bridge, this park has a memorial plaque flanked by flag poles in a flower bed, plus some playground equipment on the west side (which is split by a parking lot), and a basketball court on the larger east side.


917 NW Gordon, Topeka

Located at the intersection of NW Gordon and NW Western, this small, well-shaded park sits just north of the old McKinley Elementary School, one of four segregated schools for African-American students in Topeka at the time of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling in 1954. Youngsters will like the modern playground equipment, swings and merry-go-round, while parents can relax at the covered picnic table. There are public restrooms and a nice flower bed.


1850 NW Lyman, Topeka

Located on NW Lyman Road adjacent to the Meadowood mobile home community, this small and sunny park offers picnic tables and some playground equipment, including swings. Shade and parking are limited.

Charles Curtis Greenway & Cemetery

1200 NW Topeka, Topeka

The Charles Curtis Greenway, which begins at the intersection of NW Topeka Blvd. and NW Morse, peaks at NW Paramore where it lines both sides of Topeka Blvd., extending to the east and west. The greenway consists mainly of large garden beds and a section of the Soldier Creek Trail that links to Garfield Park on the east. On the west side, a gravel road (take Paramore west to Harrison and go north) leads to the Curtis Family Cemetery at the top of a small hill beside the creek channel.

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