Little Oakland

900 NE Chester, Topeka

This shady little neighborhood park fills one square block at the intersection of Chester and Fairchild. Lots of full, developed trees provide ample shade for kids playing on the mix of playground equipment. Families will love the slides, climbing toys, swings and rings. Park goers can even ease their thirst at a fountain in the park before relaxing on one of the many shaded benches. A concrete pad looks like it once was home to a tennis court, but with no net up during a trip by the park in June 2009, it didn't look like it was in use.

Freedom Valley

SE 14th and Locust, Topeka

From Freedom Valley you can hear the traffic zoom by on bordering Interstate 70. Yet, there's something serene and calming about this neighborhood oasis. Parking for the park sits off 14th Street between Locust and Illinois. To the south, trees and foliage block the view of the interstate -- at least during the summer when the branches are thick with leaves. The park also features some shady trees, but it has plenty of open, sunny stretches, where kite fliers can soar free of entanglement worries. At the bottom of the sloping park, a small fishing pond with a dock beckons.


SE 7th and Hackberry Drive, Topeka

This is a classic little neighborhood park where children can escape to swings, a merry-go-round and bouncy toys. A modest one-hoop basketball court has seen better days. The sunny park sits on the north side of 7th Street to the east of Rice Road and just west of Hackberry Drive.


300 SE Arter, Topeka

This little park is set against a tree-lined backdrop. The park's play area includes swings, a slide and climbing equipment.


2500 SE Highland, Topeka

Dornwood sits just a few blocks east of Highland Park High School. The centerpiece of the park is its lighted ball fields, which include a concession stand. For youngsters, the park also has bright, modern red and green play equipment. The park also has a two-mile wooded hiking trail. The trail moves from prairie to hardwood forest. Guided tours available.


SE 26th and SE Jefferson, Topeka

Just a short walk from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka, Bentley Park sits on a hill sloping down from 26th Street. It's a small neighborhood park with shady trees, swings, a slide, teeter-totter and bench.


2300 SE Jefferson, Topeka

Where Jefferson Street dead-ends at Austin Park you'll find a sunny spot for sports and play plopped in the middle of a neighborhood. There's a softball diamond, basketball court and tennis court. There's also plenty of playground equipment and swings. Rehydrate at the drinking fountain or relax at a picnic table under the red open-air shelter house.

Aquarian Acres

3130 SE Aquarius Drive, Topeka

At Aquarian Acres Park you'll find a tennis court plopped into a shady spot just off Aquarius Drive in a quiet neighborhood.


3300 SE Adams, Topeka

This small neighborhood park between Adams and Massachusetts features lots of green space and bright playground equipment. It has slides that are just the right size for young children and playground equipment that older kids will love, too.

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