3001 SW 21st, Topeka

This spacious park is easy to overlook on the south side of SW 21st between SW Randolph and SW Oakley. There are some swings, a climbing gym and some benches, but it's mostly open with scattered trees. The KNI Soccer Complex is across the road to the south.


300 SE Lawrence, Topeka

Train enthusiasts will love kicking back at this park. No, trains don't run through the park, but the expansive park off SE 3rd and Lawrence neighbors busy train tracks. The park itself offers plenty of room to run across its fields and features a mix of newer and older play equipment including climbing areas, swings, slides and teeter-totters. The play area is well shaded, and a large gazebo provides a welcoming spot for picnics. Grills are located near the gazebo as are restrooms. Lots of picnic benches. The park also features playing fields and several outdoor basketball courts.


1230 SE Pinecrest, Topeka

This little southeast Topeka park sits off SE Pincrest, just west of Indiana and Ross Elementary School. The park is mostly green space with some playground equipment: four swings and two teeter-totters.

Oakwood Hills

4201 SE Adams, Topeka

This compact little park, just south of where Interstate 470 crosses over SE Adams, offers a small sunny spot with a backdrop of trees for play. It includes a softball backstop and a small play area with older equipment.

Oak Parkway

2915 SW Randolph, Topeka

Oak Parkway Park sits off SW Randolph, roughly between 29th and 30th streets. It is a small narrow park backed by shady trees. A small play area includes a red and white candy-cane striped swing set.


917 NW Gordon, Topeka

Located at the intersection of NW Gordon and NW Western, this small, well-shaded park sits just north of the old McKinley Elementary School, one of four segregated schools for African-American students in Topeka at the time of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling in 1954. Youngsters will like the modern playground equipment, swings and merry-go-round, while parents can relax at the covered picnic table. There are public restrooms and a nice flower bed.


740 SW Medford, Topeka

This small, shaded park at the intersection of SW 8th and SW Medford offers the perfect place to rest while on a neighborhood walk. Occupying a corner beside Ward-Martin Creek, the park's amenities are simple -- a picnic table, some swings and a merry-go-round.


1850 NW Lyman, Topeka

Located on NW Lyman Road adjacent to the Meadowood mobile home community, this small and sunny park offers picnic tables and some playground equipment, including swings. Shade and parking are limited.

Major Palm

1815 SW 37th, Topeka

Major Palm Park provides plenty of space for sunny play and features a spot for playing softball games. Major Palm also has a play area with a merry-go-round, swing and equipment for kids who like to climb. At the entrance to the park, a plaque pays tribute to the park's namesake, Major Willard G. Palm. Palm died July 1, 1960, when a Soviet MiG fighter shot down the Air Force RB-47 he was aboard. The plane was on a peaceful reconnaissance mission over the Barents Sea, outside of USSR airspace when it was shot down. The heart of the park sits back from SW 37th Street.

Little Oakland

900 NE Chester, Topeka

This shady little neighborhood park fills one square block at the intersection of Chester and Fairchild. Lots of full, developed trees provide ample shade for kids playing on the mix of playground equipment. Families will love the slides, climbing toys, swings and rings. Park goers can even ease their thirst at a fountain in the park before relaxing on one of the many shaded benches. A concrete pad looks like it once was home to a tennis court, but with no net up during a trip by the park in June 2009, it didn't look like it was in use.

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