Small & Serene


2300 SE Edgewater Terr, Topeka

This narrow neighborhood park straddles a storm runoff creek while winding its way from near SW 23rd and SW Morningside to SW Shunga Drive. On the west side there are swings, a merry-go-round, a slippery slide and a picnic table.


SE 7th and Hackberry Drive, Topeka

This is a classic little neighborhood park where children can escape to swings, a merry-go-round and bouncy toys. A modest one-hoop basketball court has seen better days. The sunny park sits on the north side of 7th Street to the east of Rice Road and just west of Hackberry Drive.

Charles Curtis Greenway & Cemetery

1200 NW Topeka, Topeka

The Charles Curtis Greenway, which begins at the intersection of NW Topeka Blvd. and NW Morse, peaks at NW Paramore where it lines both sides of Topeka Blvd., extending to the east and west. The greenway consists mainly of large garden beds and a section of the Soldier Creek Trail that links to Garfield Park on the east. On the west side, a gravel road (take Paramore west to Harrison and go north) leads to the Curtis Family Cemetery at the top of a small hill beside the creek channel.


3446 SW Kirklawn, Topeka

Croix is among the most humble of city parks. The triangle-shaped park appears to be more of something to drive around than a place to actually stop. It is surrounded by Coix Street, Kirklawn Avenue and Coix Place. Here's what it offers: four trees, one trashcan, one picnic table, a few rose bushes and grass.

Country Club

2501 SW Topeka, Topeka

This long, narrow park runs along the east side of Topeka Boulevard. It's shady and quiet with a few benches and teeter totters.


600 SW MacVicar, Topeka

This small but shady park at SW 6th and MacVicar is bisected by Ward-Martin Creek, with most of its amenities on the east side of the creek by the small parking lot. The playground equipment includes a small slippery slide, teeter-totters, regular swings, a tire swing and a jungle gym -- plus a basketball court. There are picnic tables and a BBQ grill for picnickers.

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