Small & Serene

Danbury Circles

331 SW Danbury Lane, Topeka

The north and south intersections of SW Danbury Lane and SW Yorkshire Road in the Prospect Hills neighborhood are marked by large, triangular traffic islands featuring extensive garden beds and landscaping. There's even a park bench on the heavily-shaded north island.

Oakley Circles

SW 20th & SW Oakley, Topeka

The six traffic islands in the vicinity of SW 20th and SW Oakley feature a mixture of landscaping -- from garden beds to trees and grass. Two of the islands are at that intersection, while one is east on SW Warner Ct., two are west on SW 20th and another is northwest on SW Westwood Dr.

David Cook "Bumper" Memorial Park

3224 S.E. 6th, Topeka

When 16-year-old David "Bumper" Cook was shot to death in 1994, a friend and neighbor looked for a way to honor the slain teenager. That friend, JoAnne Peavler, decided on donating a small stretch of grassy land -- a quiet sloping spot off SE 6th and Rodgers, across from the Collective Brands/Payless headquarters. The park was created with help from the End Neighborhood Improvement, the Topeka Youth Project and AmeriCorps. It is a peaceful green spot with concrete benches.


1420 SE Lott , Topeka

This small, quiet park, located on the northeast corner of SE Michigan and SE Lott, is less than half an acre in size, but it still offers a park bench, swings, picnic table and BBQ grill.

Tudor Park

17th & Gage, Topeka

Located on the northeast corner of SW 17th and Gage, this small park is dominated by garden beds filled with flowers, shrubs and trees. There is an ornate metal gazebo and a small sitting area where you can stop and smell the flowers.

Chandler Library Pavilion

11th and Washburn, Topeka

Dedicated on Sept. 11, 2004, to commemorate Topeka's 150th anniversary, the pavilion is located in a small triangular park at 11th and Washburn -- just south of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, 1515 SW 10th. A brick walk leads to a sitting area where three large brick pillars are topped by gargoyles and other architectural remnants from the old Shawnee County Courthouse, which stood at 5th and Van Buren from 1895-1965. The area is surrounded by flower beds. The pavilion was named for Topeka banker Anderson Chandler, the primary donor for the project.

Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site

1515 SE Monroe, Topeka

Located in the former Monroe Elementary School, the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site commemorates the U.S. Supreme Court's 1954 landmark ruling that ended legal segregation in public schools. Operated by the National Park Service, the two-story building has been restored to its 1954 appearance, when it was one of four elementary schools for African-American students in Topeka.

Ritchie Cemetery

SW 27th and Boswell, Topeka

Ritchie Cemetery, also known as the South Topeka Cemetery, the Slave Cemetery and the Howard Cemetery, is a five-acre plot at the L-intersection of SW 27th and Boswell. About 100 people are buried in the cemetery (the last in the 1940s), but only about 15 headstones mark graves. Coffin-size indentations mark other graves.


SE 22nd & SE Madison, Topeka

Located at SE 22nd and Madison, this small park offers a few picnic tables and benches. With plenty of trees and shade, this is a good place to escape from the sun on a hot summer's day.


1800 SW 6th, Topeka

This sharply triangular-shaped park separates SW Willow from 6th Street as they converge from Garfield on the east to Lindenwood on the west. Located across from St. Francis Health Center, Willow is the perfect place to relax or read a book in the shade of mature trees. There are numerous benches and picnic tables, plus swings (including a tire swing), a merry-go-round and a jungle gym for youngsters.

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