Hummer Sports Park

SW 6th & Tuffy Kellogg Drive

Topeka, KS 66606

Named for former Topeka police chief Dana Hummer and his wife, Louise, Hummer Sports Park is the crown jewel of the Topeka Public School's athletic facilities. Constructed on property once belonging to the Topeka State Hospital, the six-sport facility (funded with a $17.5 million voter-approved bond issue) opened in the fall of 2003 on the north side of SW 6th between Oakley and MacVicar. Facilities include Weaver-Erwin Stadium for football and track and field (6,000 seats), the Capitol Federal Natatorium for swimming (50-meter pool, 1,000 seats), a soccer stadium (2,000 seats), the Michael A. Torrez baseball complex (two diamonds, 500 seats each) and a softball complex (two diamonds, 500 seats each). Although primarily a student athletic destination, Hummer Sports Park is available for many community-based events and has attracted regional and national competition. It also has walking paths open to the public.

The natatorium pool is available for public swimming during the week, with a schedule posted on the Hummer Sports Park Web site at Go to Facilities/Sports Facilities/Swimming and look for the Pool Calendar link on the right-hand side. Employees of USD 501 can swim for free, while there is a daily fee of $4 for the general public. Discounts are available with punch cards. A $2.8 million expansion of the natatorium is expected to begin in the fall of 2009 and be finished in 2010. Swimming activities at the natatorium will not be affected. The addition will include a warm-up/cool-down pool, which will allow the natatorium to host higher level swimming events.



Amenities: Baseball diamonds, Gardens, Public restrooms, Soccer fields, Softball diamonds, Swimming pool, Walking path

Location: Central

Ambience: Active activities, Sporty scene