Freedom Valley

SE 14th and Locust

Topeka, KS 66607


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From Freedom Valley you can hear the traffic zoom by on bordering Interstate 70. Yet, there's something serene and calming about this neighborhood oasis. Parking for the park sits off 14th Street between Locust and Illinois. To the south, trees and foliage block the view of the interstate -- at least during the summer when the branches are thick with leaves. The park also features some shady trees, but it has plenty of open, sunny stretches, where kite fliers can soar free of entanglement worries. At the bottom of the sloping park, a small fishing pond with a dock beckons. The pond is stocked for fishermen. The park also features a winding concrete trail, grills, swings, drinking fountains, a merry-go-round, a small one-hoop basketball court and backstop.



Amenities: Basketball courts, BBQ grills, Picnic tables, Playground, Ponds, Softball diamonds, Walking path

Location: East

Ambience: Family fun