The Adopt-A-Park/Trail program is designed to encourage the community to take a hands-on approach keeping the parks and trails clean, safe and attractive for residents and visitors through debris pick-up and beautification activities. It started as a clean-up program, initiated as a partnership between Shawnee County Parks and Recreation and Keep America Beautiful, Inc. to address the problem of litter in our community. The program offers the opportunity for people to get more involved in their community in a way that promotes civic pride, appreciation, awareness and quality of life.

Shawnee County has approximately 122 developed and undeveloped parks, trails and special- use areas that are vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for our community. Parks, gardens and trails also help attract businesses to our area, which improves Shawnee County’s economy. The parks division works diligently to provide citizens with clean, attractive and well-maintained areas. Due to the sheer number of parks, trails and gardens in Shawnee County, it is difficult to maintain these at the level of care that they deserve but with the enthusiastic willingness and effort of Adopt-A-Park/Trail participants that level of care can be reached. This program is fun, easy and rewarding.

We ask the following of each adopter:

• Each group/individual shall complete an Adopt-A-Park/Trail application.
• Each group needs a primary contact person.
• Each group/individual should volunteer at least once per month in their adopted park or trail.
• Upon receiving the signed Volunteer Promise, the first workday shall be scheduled by the Shawnee County’s Adopt-A-Park/Trail Coordinator.
• Volunteer hours shall be tracked and submitted to the Adopt-A-Park/Trail Coordinator monthly.

After 12 months of documented service, a sign will be placed at the adopted park or trail recognizing the adopting volunteer or group. The sign will remain in the park or trail as long as there is a current volunteer promise and continued monthly service is documented.

One-time and/or small term projects shall be recognized with a certificate of appreciation acknowledging the work provided to the adopted park/trail.

For more information, contact Linda Kelly at (785)267-1156 or